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11 Oct 2017
Identification of the African–European Erymnochelys group (Pleurodira, Podocnemididae) in the Belgian fossil record: first finding of Eocenochelus eremberti outside its type locality
Adán Pérez-García and Thierry Smith
Foss. Rec., 20, 245-251,, 2017
25 Aug 2017
The wasp larva's last supper: 100 million years of evolutionary stasis in the larval development of rhopalosomatid wasps (Hymenoptera: Rhopalosomatidae)
Volker Lohrmann and Michael S. Engel
Foss. Rec., 20, 239-244,, 2017
09 Aug 2017
The fossil history of pseudoscorpions (Arachnida: Pseudoscorpiones)
Danilo Harms and Jason A. Dunlop
Foss. Rec., 20, 215-238,, 2017
27 Jul 2017
A Burmese amber fossil of Radula (Porellales, Jungermanniopsida) provides insights into the Cretaceous evolution of epiphytic lineages of leafy liverworts
Julia Bechteler, Alexander R. Schmidt, Matthew A. M. Renner, Bo Wang, Oscar Alejandro Pérez-Escobar, Alfons Schäfer-Verwimp, Kathrin Feldberg, and Jochen Heinrichs
Foss. Rec., 20, 201-213,, 2017
17 Jul 2017
Classical and new bioerosion trace fossils in Cretaceous belemnite guards characterised via micro-CT
Max Wisshak, Jürgen Titschack, Wolf-Achim Kahl, and Peter Girod
Foss. Rec., 20, 173-199,, 2017
CC BY 4.0
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